Cindy and Sean choosed Bali for their Wedding. They wanted a casual photoshoot with a natural feel before their Wedding  Day. It was fun to shoot for this fun and loving couple.

Location: Cemagi , Mengening Beach
Photographer: Aditya Yodha from Flipmax Photography


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0162_Cindy_Sean_Cam1_176 0175_Cindy_Sean_Cam1_195 0198_Cindy_Sean_Cam1_228 0206_Cindy_Sean_Cam1_238 0213_Cindy_Sean_Cam1_245 0220_Cindy_Sean_Cam1_253 0243_Cindy_Sean_Cam1_284 0257_Cindy_Sean_Cam2_055 0279_Cindy_Sean_Cam1_296 0283_Cindy_Sean_Cam1_3020293_Cindy_Sean_Cam2_0880332_Cindy_Sean_Cam2_114 0342_Cindy_Sean_Cam2_119 0346_Cindy_Sean_Cam1_338 0365_Cindy_Sean_Cam2_129  0378_Cindy_Sean_Cam1_3670398_Cindy_Sean_Cam2_1470405_Cindy_Sean_Cam2_149


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