At the end of August 2019, we had the pleasure capturing the wedding of Kayesha & Aldo at Jeeva Saba. We have captured numerous weddings, but capturing a Javanese wedding is certainly a very rare occasion for us. Well, Kayesha and Aldo’s wedding is actually not a traditional Javanese wedding with series of ceremonies that normally takes 2 – 3 days. Nonetheless, we still feel so happy for being a part of their best day ever.
As other weddings, both the bride and groom got themselves ready prior to the Ijab Kabul (Moslem ceremony). Kayesha and Aldo looked stunning on their Javanese attire. The simple yet elegant details on Kayesha’s gorgeous “kebaya” literally stole every eye on that day. Her sparkly headpiece and Jasmine arrangement that beautifully falls from her bun down to her shoulder completes her fabulous Javanese bride look. Meanwhile, Aldo looked charismatic and dapper with his matching Javanese attire, “blangkon” (Javanese hat), and “Keris” (Javanese dagger).
Since it was a Moslem wedding, it must be completed with “mas kawin” (dowry for the bride). Aldo gave Kayesha a set of jewelry and mukena (praying outfit) as the dowry.
Talking about the décor, their wedding gave a bunch of splendid inspo for brides and grooms to be. From the anti-mainstream welcome signage up to the house-shaped construction as the place where they did the Ijab Kabul in the afternoon that changed as a bridal stage in the evening. Last but not least, their lovely wedding cake is simply to good to be true. Kayesha and Aldo, thank you for taking us on the ride of your new beginning. We wish you nothing but the best!
Captured by  GANI